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Student Center

Peninsula Equine Medical Center offers multiple learning opportunities for students at all stages education. Our internship program is for recently graduated veterinarians who aim to further his or her technical skills in a well-rounded 1-year program with a strong mentorship component. Externships are available for veterinary students in third or forth year of veterinary school. We also offer volunteer positions for students 18 years or older who wish to shadow veterinarians and experience a typical day at our practice.


Peninsula Equine Medical Center’s competitive internship has two openings for the 2020 - 2021 intern year. PenEq is staffed with highly skilled, caring and compassionate medical professionals. Our dedicated and experienced team is proficient in multiple aspects of equine medicine and surgery with special emphasis placed upon advanced lameness diagnostics, imaging, sports medicine, surgery, and intensive care cases. We also provide comprehensive routine care including everything from wellness care to acupuncture, chiropractics, dentistry, and pre-purchase exams.


The goal of our one-year internship is to produce a well-rounded equine veterinarian. Our internship is best suited for those looking for an ambulatory component to their internship, and those looking for an emphasis in sports medicine and advanced imaging. Most often, after the internship, interns move to full time ambulatory practice, or pursue sports medicine/imaging residencies.


Some highlights about the PenEq internship program includes:

  • Extensive mentorship program

  • Ambulatory 50%, in-house hospital 50%

  • Peninsula Equine values high-quality medicine, promoting professional education, and a cooperative team atmosphere

  • One of the highest paying internships in the USA - housing provided plus benefits and membership fees on top of one of the highest base salaries

  • Previous interns have gone on to get competitive job offers, internships, and residencies

  • CE budget plus free admission to International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology conference 

  • Weekly day off to explore the Pacific coast, San Francisco, wine country, and Silicon Valley plus additional vacation time

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Externship Opportunities

Peninsula Equine proudly offers an externship program for veterinary students intended to allow participants to learn from a variety of practitioners beyond the classroom setting.  Our program is aimed to help students gain more exposure to a diverse population of both ambulatory and referral clinic cases.


A typical week for externs includes extensive lameness examinations, advanced diagnostics, wellness care, intensive care management cases, alternative medicine, and in-depth dentistry. While we do have surgical facilities on-site, our surgical case load varies monthly.


Peninsula Equine provides on-site housing upon request for our externs. Students typically visit for between 1-4 weeks and we strongly recommend staying on-site to our final year students looking to apply for our internship program. Our externship program allows students to learn more about our internship program and experience a typical week for our current interns.


Students must provide AVMA PLIT and proof of health insurance. Students must have finished their second year of vet school and have basic horse handling experience. Please send a cover letter outlining your horse handling experience, a resume, and a few possible dates of availability to the attention of Dr. Jackie Dietrich at info@peneq.com or call 650-854-3162.

Volunteer Opportunities

Peninsula Equine has limited availability to take volunteers (age 18 and up) for 1-2 days during a normal work week. Please email Hadley at info@peneq.com to check for availability and scheduling .