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Prepurchase Exams

Our comprehensive 2 hour exam focuses on all systems of the body, with particular focus on musculoskeletal abnormalities.  This critical exam is the foundation of the veterinarian's assessment.  Further diagnostic recommendations are based on this exam, as well as age of the horse, intended use, and previous history.

Providing the veterinarian with any previous history and imaging is highly recommended as this can aide in interpretation of findings from the prepurchase exam.

Lameness Exams

Put your trust in our team to assess the entire musculoskeletal system through a thorough examination.  We were the first clinic in North America to have two certified ISELP (International Society for Equine Locomotor Pathology) members, a testament to our goal to provide only the best, most contemporary medical care possible.  As both a primary care provider and a leading referral center for lameness issues for horses from all around the Bay Area, our areas of expertize range from subtle lamenesses to more complicated multi-limb abnormalities.

Advanced Imaging

We start with top of the line machines for crisp, high resolution images for a higher level of diagnostic capability.  Match that with our highly skilled veterinarains for better accuracy in the diagnosis.  Available modalities include:

  • Digital Radiographs (including abdominal, thoracic, back, neck and skull capabilities

  • Digital Ultrasound

  • Nuclear Scintigraphy

  • Gastric and Upper Airway Endoscopy

  • Thermography


Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is the most recent and promising area of both veterinary and human medicine exploration. Regenerative medicine focuses upon stimulating (known as upregulating) the body’s inherent immune and disease mitigating capabilities rather than relying upon drugs and medications. PenEq is proud to offer IRAP II, PRP, ProStride and stem cell therapy. To read more please visit our news & links.


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