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Have you heard of ISELP?

May 2, 2018


You may frequently hear the term “ISELP” used by veterinarians, especially in the sports medicine field. But do you know what it is?


ISELP stands for International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology and is an organization of elite veterinarians focused on lameness problems in the equine athlete. This organization was founded under the direction of Dr. Jean-Marie Denoix in 2006 and continues to rapidly grow, having members on all five continents. The goal of ISELP is to provide extensive knowledge, techniques, and diagnostic plus therapeutic information on the most current practices, which are continually evolving within the sports medicine field.



Peninsula Equine Medical Center is the only practice in North America with two practicing Certified members. Dr. Russ Peterson is one of the few Certified and founding members on the Board of Directors and Dr. Bart Halsberghe is a Certified-ISELP member. Certified members teach ISELP continuing education modules all over the world. This means that Peninsula Equine’s patients are being treated by and under the supervision of members and teachers of this prestigious group of advanced sport medicine veterinarians. There are currently only 53 Certified ISELP members in the world!



Here at Peninsula Equine, we frequently express how important education is to us and our clients. This statement holds true when it comes to ISELP. Peninsula Equine is one of the only remaining founding hospitals that still hosts ISELP modules. This year, Peninsula Equine will be hosting the distal forelimb module in May 2018 for veterinarians from all around the world. Dr. Lauren Work has been coordinating PenEq hosting these modules for a number of years and Peninsula Equine has been an integral part of ISELP education.


Our module at Peninsula Equine this year will also celebrate the 50th ISELP module in North America. Additional aspects of ISELP’s educational programs are Introductory One-Day courses for practitioners, introductory ultrasound courses for veterinary students, and specialized courses at AAEP and BEVA Annual Conferences.



ISELP modules are multiple day events offering a comprehensive program of advanced education in equine lameness, including osteoarticular, musculotendinous, and nervous pathology. There are 8 modules that ISELP offers:

  1. Distal frontlimb: foot, pastern fetlock joint

  2. Middle frontlimb: palmar fetlock, metacarpus and tendons, carpus, carpal canal

  3. Proximal frontlimb: forearm, elbow and shoulder

  4. Distal hindlimb: foot, pastern, fetlock, metatarsus

  5. Middle hindlimb: hock, crus

  6. Proximal hindlimb: stifle, thigh

  7. Neck and thoracolumbar area

  8. Lumbosacral area and pelvis


These modules each include advanced education on the descriptive and functional anatomy and biomechanics of each region of the horse. Modules offer training in the clinical (physical and dynamic) examination, including diagnostic blocks, which are the foundation for a thorough and comprehensive lameness examination. They offer education and discussion of diagnostic imaging (radiology, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy, MRI), current treatment and management techniques, and revised information on prognosis and evolution of diseases.



Before becoming an ISELP-certified member, equine veterinarians must have completed multiple requ


irements to qualify to complete the certification examination. Veterinarians must have 5 years of equine practice experience and present a number of documented cases, submit multiple scientific papers for publishing, and have completed all 8 modules’ seminars and wet labs. This rigorous path allows you to complete an intense certification exam resulting in becoming an ISELP-Certified Practitioner.


This means the ISELP-certified members have years of extensive advanced education and training compared to non-ISELP certified veterinarians. Members have higher knowledge and experience in equine sports medicine. Their active participation in the advancement of equine locomotor pathology is recognized by the science and academic community internationally. ISELP-certified members are highly qualified veterinarians specializing in advanced sports medicine.  



ISELP is an internationally recognized non-profit organization, gaining sponsorship from the largest companies in the equine industry. Sponsorship from these companies allow for the advanced continuing education of veterinary practitioners internationally. ISELP is suppor


ted and made financially possible by the following sponsors:



AniCell Biotech



Boehringer Ingelheim

Dechra Veterinary Products



Grand Circuit Products, LLC




Luitpold Animal Health

Multi Radiance Medical ®


Oculus Insights™

Owl Manor Veterinary®

Platinum Performance®

Podoblock USA




Vetel Diagnositics

Vetkin Tape ®




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