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“Regenerative Medicine” is the most recent and promising area of both veterinary and human medicine exploration. It has emerging application to both disease therapy and sports medicine related injuries. Regenerative medicine focuses upon stimulating (known as upregulating) the body’s inherent immune and disease mitigating capabilities rather than relying upon drugs and medications.

Unmasking (upregulating) protective portions of the patient’s genome is one key goal in addition to stimulating protective proteins which combat inflammatory agents, such as cytokines, which are produced during disease. Some approaches utilize autologous (derived from the same patient) products and othe...

October 16, 2018


Please join us October 19th for a free seminar on EPM in our horses!

Everyone is welcome and food and drinks will be provided. 

Please RSVP via email (info@peneq.com) or on our Facebook event page. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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