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Peninsula Equine Medical Center and the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology are proud to present our 16th Annual Peninsula Equine Symposium.

ISELP offers a comprehensive program of advanced education in the field of equine lamenesses and osteoarticular, musculotendinous and nervous pathology, covering the different parts of the locomotor system of the horse. These modules cover eight topics

  • Distal frontlimb: foot, pastern, fetlock jt.

  • Middle frontlimb: palmar fetlock, metacarpus and tendons, carpus, carpal canal

  • Proximal frontlimb: forearm, elbow and shoulder

  • Distal hindlimb: foot, pastern, fetlock, metatarsus

  • Middle hindlimb: hock and crus

  • Proximal hindlimb: stifle and thigh

  • Neck and thoracolumbar area

  • Lumbosacral area and pelvis


For 2019, our area of focus will be the Stifle and Thigh.

For each topic, the following data will be considered:

  • Descriptive anatomy

  • Functional anatomy and Biomechanics

  • Clinical (physical and dynamic) examination including diagnostic blocks

  • Diagnostic imaging (radiology, ultrasonography, nuclear scintigraphy, MRI)

  • Treatment and management

  • Prognosis and evolution

Our 3 day module lectures will be held in the Palo Alto Elks Lodge ballroom on Thursday and Friday, May 9th and 10th.  Our wetlab on Saturday, May 11th will be held at Peninsula Equine in Menlo Park, approximately 6 miles from the Palo Alto Elks.  Additionally, we will be offering an Advanced module on the neck and Back at Peninsula Equine in Menlo Park on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 7th and 8th.  Separate registration for the Advanced Module can be found here.

More information about ISELP can be found at www.iselp.org

3 Day

Stifle and Thigh


Advanced Module Schedule - Neck and Back

Join us Thursday night for a taste of Ireland.  We will move from the lecture hall to "Rusty O'Peterson's" Irish Pub, just upstairs at the Palo Alto Elks.  Enjoy a Guinness while partaking in a pub trivia night.  Teams will be answering pop culture, horse, and ISELP related questions, with the winning team going home with prizes courtesy of our Global Sponsors.

Online registration for our 3-Day module is available through the ISELP website.  THE 3 DAY MODULE IS NOW SOLD OUT!!! Look for upcoming modules available at other locations on the ISELP website.

A separate registration is available to for Advanced Module registration.  There are still a couple of spaces left for this meeting.  You can register for that program here.

Click here to access travel information for our meeting, including local hotels near the Palo Alto Elks.